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New Homes in Pittsburgh & Morgantown

The home buying process has a reputation of being difficult at times. Our community and home type search features make it easier for you to find the perfect new home. Whether looking for at new homes in Pittsburgh or Morgantown, we are confident that Heartland Homes has the house for you.

How to Search for a New Home

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Our community search helps you find Heartland Homes communities throughout the region that have all of the essential qualities while still staying within budget. Notice that each community has characteristics that make it unique. Some are designed for the daily commuter. Others are located so kids can walk to school.

The home type feature allows you to search through some of our previously built homes as well as our current construction projects. Regardless of what you and your family want from a home, it can be found. Once you discover the perfect model, use some of our design tools to picture yourself in it.

Things to Remember

Heartland Homes has been designing and constructing houses since 1984. We have watched trends (and home builders) come and go and have helped many clients with many unique tastes create the perfect house. It’s our honor to offer you all of our experience. Take advantage of it by keeping the following tips in mind as you plan your very own custom home.

  • Location takes precedent. First determine where you would like to live then find or build the perfect home in that area.
  • School districts can tell a lot about the neighborhood. See where the schools rank in the region their general reputation. Do they represent the kind of place that you would like to live? Would you send your children to them?
  • Know your budget. New homes are most people’s biggest and most long term investments. Make sure you do your homework and do it right the first time.
  • Know your builders personally. And make sure that they know you. It’s not enough to only meet in person to sign papers or be limited to electronic communication. Home building is a partnership so be certain that both parties are prepared to act like it.
  • Try it on for size. Ask the homebuilder for similar properties so you can see how the exterior looks in person, pace around the kitchen, and move from room-to-room. It’s the closest you can come to a test drive.